Changing Wires

NITRIDE was tested with the most of sensored motors available on the market, with or without temperature sensor. If motor has no temperature sensor, “no data” will be displayed.

NITRIDE has very linear and smooth throttle characteristics especially if boost timing is set to zero. From this point of view consider carefully the choice of your Motor Turns.

For example, you can get better feeling with Motor 5.0T and boost timing zero compared to 5.5T and activated boost timing. Some of our recommendations are summarized in the table below:

  2WD dirt 2WD carpet 2WD astro 4WD dirt 4WD carpet 4WD astro TC carpet stock TC carpet modified TC asphalt stock TC asphalt modified
Motor 7.5 T 8T 6T




7T 7.5T 5T


6.5T 7T 13.5T 5T-5.5T 13.5T 4.5T


Active FAN No No No No No No No No No Recommended for 4.5T


The above recommended values strongly depend on the Drive Ratio as well.

For use in off-road cars and also for on-road with the motor with more than 4,5T, there is no active cooling needed.

For use in on-road car with the motor 4,5T on asphalt, especially in hot summer weather, we recommend to use an additive active cooler, that can be simply installed using the small plate and screwed together with NITRIDE directly to the chassis of the car. Examples of installation you can see on pictures bellow.