The future is here. Get ready for a revolution in RC motor control.

NITRIDE 1/10 is a new generation electronic speed controller for BLDC motors. Using Advanced Cooling Technology based on Aluminium Nitride Ceramic cooler, NITRIDE is characterized by excellent thermal conductivity and at the same time it is the first ESC with TFT LCD color display ever. These properties provide NITRIDE revolutionary features.

  • Developed especially for 1/10th professional RC cars.
  • TFT LCD color display with resolution 160 x 80 pixels.
  • Size: 38,3 (L) x 34,3 (W) x 24,5 (H) mm.
  • Weight: 50 g without wires / 90 g with wires AWG13 - 180 mm.
  • 70 % of weight located in bottom side of ESC.
  • Power supply: 2S LiPo.
  • Current cont. / pulsed: 180 A / 1500 A.
  • BEC: 7,4 V fixed, 4 A cont. / 10 A peak at 125 °C.
  • Extreme low internal resistance based on silver conductive layer.
  • Advanced Cooling Technology based on Aluminium Nitride Ceramic Cooler.
  • Designed for high level RC racing.
  • Zero Timing (Blinky Mode) supported.
  • For sensored BLDC motors from 4.5T up.
  • Revolutionary easy Rx calibration.
  • Realtime monitoring: battery voltage, ESC and motor temperatures.
  • Self-diagnostic before the race: motor temperature, sensor cable, battery.
  • Post-race data evaluation.
  • Easy programming: throttle, brake, boost and turbo timing, hall angle and many other functions.
  • Race data logging, temperature and other curves, histograms and more.
  • Adjustable maintenance reminder for easy check.
  • No programming interface needed.

LCD Display

NITRIDE comes with a breakthrough in RC motor controlling - LCD color display. Thanks to this you can set all the parameters and check all data directly at your ESC, without need of any programming card or a mobile application. All you need is inside your ESC.

The use is really easy - by 3 buttons you can quickly set anything you need and one view is enough to check all parameters necessary for race. Simply. Quickly. Precisely.


Easy Check and Set

Thanks to the display, you can have always overview about all the important data and events - before the race, during driving and after race. It is really quick to make a change in your settings and then you have immediate feedback, without any delay caused by connecting a control interface.


Although it brings so many new great functions, NITRIDE 1/10 is really compact sized. Its dimensions are suitable for all types of 1/10 RC cars.

In addition to that, 70% of weight is located at the bottom of ESC for even better stability of your car!

Advanced Cooling Technology

Advanced cooling technology based on Aluminium Nitride cooler, developed especially for NITRIDE, provides the ESC the excellent thermal conductivity higher than 160 W/mK and long-term resistance to high temperatures and loads.

MOSFETs transistors are cooled directly without any additional thermal resistance layer!

During the production, we used very thick layers of special materials like silver and copper for very low internal resistance and the newest technologies inspired by our production of power systems.

Easy installation

Installation of NITRIDE is quick and easy - using two screws, small plate and double-sided tape.

In addition, the cover of ESC with display and buttons is able to be changed simply in case of any accident.